Mount Dennis – Weston Virtual Historic Trail

Walking in the Humber valley from Eglinton towards Lawrence, a walker can gain both an insight into the geology of Ontario, but also see the changes and challenges involving the people who live here.

Our virtual trail has two goals.  For those who can’t walk the trail, it is an introduction to the history of the valley, linking to sites with a range of information starting with basic facts, but also showing where detailed analysis is available.  And for those on site,  a road map to the features that are not easy to see due to the regrowth og the forest.

This project has just begun.  Our goal is to link into the planned West Park campus, and to make the trail a more pleasant place to visit with better information.

Our major topics ( #  viewing location )

  • The Big Humber Bang,  a look into the distant past   #6
  • Oceans, Lakes, and Carbon, why we need a healthy Humber  #8
  • First Nations, Then and Now.  #1, 5
  • Simcoe vs The Carrying Place.  Mistakes were made.  #2
  • Mills, Ponds, and Resources.  Can the Humber improve?  #6
  • Toronto Hospital for the Consumptive Poor #3, 4
  • Mills, Ponds and resource Extraction # 6
  • Hurricane Hazel  #7
  • The Dennis and Denison Families  #9
  • The Humber STS ( Sanitary Trunk Sewer ).  The relining project #10