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Reading Garden at Mount Dennis Public Library

Residents of Mount Dennis have teamed up with the Mount Dennis Public Library to apply for the City of Toronto’s Partnership Opportunity Legacy Fund in efforts to improve the library’s reading garden and engage community members. Chiara Padovani (resident), Jean-Marie Boutot (resident) and Nora Lay (Mount Dennis librarian) were at the Eco Neighbourhood Open House to present a brief overview of the project. Complete with a vertical garden, solar-panel operated ventilation and a rainwater collection system, the vision for the garden was beautifully portrayed in local resident and George Brown Architectural Technology student, Rachel Carter’s concept drawing. The team is trying to engage as many residents as possible before submitting the application (due April 21st), and invited community members to fill out a survey available online here. If you’re interested in getting further involved in the project, please contact!

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Eco-Neighbourhood Open House

In a packed room at the Mount Dennis Public Library, the Mount Dennis Community Association invited the community to celebrate recent environmental wins and to discuss further what is needed to pursue the Eco-Neighbourhood vision.

Speakers included:

  • Rick Ciccarelli and Mike Matos spoke on behalf of the Mount Dennis Community Association
  • Local residents and library staff spoke about the reading garden in the library
  • Elected officials congratulated the community for their recent wins
  • City officials who presented the Transform TO climate action plan
  • A TRCA official spoke about the potential for SNAP program in Mount Dennis
  • Metrolinx spokesperson who recognized the community and shared some info on the Eglinton Crosstown as well as the upcoming RER line.

After the presentation, the residents made comments and asked questions and the conversation continued past the event’s end time.

The York Guardian newspaper covered the event and wrote this about it:

The association held its EcoNeighbourhood open house Monday, April 3, which was attended by approximately 60 people. At least 40 of those were residents, the rest were politicians, partners, etc.

“The 40 people in the room came because they wanted to. We had people who heard about this on CBC radio’s Metro Morning and wanted to see what it’s all about, people from other parts of the city,” association president Mike Mattos said.

He said the response has been positive. The local initiative could even work as a case study for future projects across Toronto and beyond, Mattos said.

The project requires partners, such as Metrolinx, which recently announced it would build a battery backup energy system in Mount Dennis for the Crosstown LRT. It includes the City of Toronto, which aims to make Mount Dennis Toronto’s first Net Zero community. It includes Toronto and Region Conservation and the TO EcoNeighbourhoods Initiative to invest their resources and contacts for local projects. And it requires local buy-in.


Short Skating Season Comes An Early End

Hi everyone:

After a frustrating season with precisely EIGHT days of skating, the Rink is now closed and will not be re-opening this season. Overall, many more hours were spent trying to make ice than those spent actually skating.

We had hoped to be open most of this week, but the weather gods were unkind, giving us insufficient cold weather to make it happen.  😦

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered, whether ice-making, as on-ice coach/supervisors or in the Skate Hut. Your support has been invaluable. Almost all those who came out (including FORTY people who skated on a still-snowy Sunday afternoon this week) seemed to have a great time and really appreciated the program.

We are hoping for a better season next year, and also exploring options for creating a more reliable, artificially-cooled rink.

Thanks again for your support. For those of you earning community hours, please call or email me and set up a time when I can sign your sheets.

Simon Chamberlain, Rink Coordinator   ,   416-614-3371


Thank You – Looking to the Future

It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided not to run again for the Presidency of the Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA). It’s hard to believe that it was six years ago that I went to my first board meeting at the Mount Dennis United Church. I have learned and grown so much in that time and have seen first hand the importance of the work we do. Our community of Mount Dennis is in the midst of enormous change and it is more important than ever that the MDCA continues being a strong voice for local residents and businesses. I have had the pleasure of working with great advocates such as Simon, Mike and Rick who have tirelessly stood up for local issues such as the environment, local jobs, improved services, investment dollars in our area and more. My time has been an overwhelmingly positive one but I know for the MDCA to continue, it has to continue to attract new talent and a more diverse group of voices. Our AGM is in November and I view it as an opportunity for us to continue to build on a strong foundation.

Thank you,

– Jules


West Park Redevelopment update!

Accessing Information about the West Park Redevelopment Proposal:
A brief summary is found at:

The full Preliminary Planning Report about the proposed West Park rezoning is found at:

All the (very detailed) information submitted to the City is at:
Click on “ > Supporting Documentation” at bottom left.
This will bring up a list of several dozen reports, any of which you can access by clicking on the red dot at the right.
(HOWEVER: This application is not always accessible … be warned!)