Skating Rink Hiatus (Due to weather)

After ten days of skating (with a couple of gaps) starting January 1st , the Mount Dennis Community Rink in Pearen Park is now CLOSED for the rest of January due to mild weather.

The Rink will be rebuilt in February when (IF) we get a long-enough spell of cold weather.

The MDCA apologizes for any inconvenience.

If you are able to volunteer to help with snow shovelling, late-evening flooding, skate & helmet fitting and fastening or on-ice coaching & supervision, please email rink@mountdennisca or call 416-614-371.

Thank You.

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Mount Dennis Community Ice Rink Opens New Years Day 2018!!!

Hurra! Pearen Park Rink will be open New Years Day (Jan 1st)

Location: Pearen Park (Pearen Street between Eglinton and Glenvalley; close to Weston Road)

Skate hut open 1pm – 5pm for borrowing skates, helmets, etc… + on ice supervision.

Kids “learn to skate program” Monday to Friday 4pm – 6pm

Weekends and Holidays 1pm – 5pm

*while the ice lasts

Updates will be posted on this website and facebook and on site at Rink Notice Board

Volunteers always needed for on-ice coaching and supervision; also in skate hut for fitting and fastening skates and helmets (Call 416 614 3371) or e-mail


The Year is Winding Down

And it has been a good year for Mount Dennis, with a fresh look and more going on.

Our Fall newsletter is available now, either in a web and phone friendly compact version, or in glorious high resolution if you want to see the bees up close.

Fall 2017 newsletter for web and phones


Fall 2017 newsletter in high definition

Our AGM is on December 14 with Environment Minister Chris Ballard as our keynote speaker.  Doors open at 6, food and drink till 7, at the Legion.


Great Party, HumberFest on Deck

Beautiful weather and a great turnout at Party by the Pond #5

In three weeks, HumberFest, celebrating over 200 years history in Mount Dennis, and looking with a critical eye at significant events that took place in the Humber Valley just north of Eglinton.

We’ll have a lot to discus, but at a fun event with food for all.  Watch as the virtual trail comes on line, and look at the poster as we finalize details




Community Partners

FoodShare Annual General Meeting

Food share is a 32-year old not for profit organization that is vocal and active on issues of food security, access to healthy food and urban agriculture. They held their annual general meeting (AGM) at their warehouse on 120 Industry St. They welcomed members of the community at 3:30pm with plant giveaways. Several types of tomatoe plants and some herbs and kale were available for free to those who wish to grow them in a personal or community garden.

They then organized personalized tours of the building to members of the community who are unfamiliar with their work. They have a kitchen that caters healthy meals to schools, senior homes and community events; as the visitors strolled past, the kitchen was very busy preparing food for the dinner after the AGM. The facility also includes walk-in fridges and and a warehouse where Good Food Baskets are packed full of fresh produce by staff, then delivered to pick-up spots across Toronto and the GTA; the pick-up spots are managed by local volunteers. To find out more or to order your own food basket for as little as $13 visit their website at

At 5:00pm the meeting was called to order, some motions were passed and recognition was made to all those who contribute. Speakers listed some of the achievements of the past year.

FoodShare by the numbers
Some of the numbers that were mentioned by speakers
After the meeting was adjourned and right before the dinner, the new executive director Paul Taylor gave an inspiring speech in which he addressed the dire need to eradicate hunger in Canada. He also spoke about his past experiences including running a youth homeless shelter in Toronto and work he did with a disatvantaged community in B.C. He also spoke on a personal level about his upbringing as a black boy raised by a strong single mother who instilled confidence in him and expected the best out of him; and presented himself as a role model for young black kids.

Speakers also invited everyone to donate to, buy from, and share the story of the  Sunshine Garden; a therapeutic garden in which clients of CAMH who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues work and volunteer. The Sunshine Garden is a long-time FoodShare program run in partnership with CAMH. 

After 6:00pm dinner was served to all those who attended.


Jane’s Walk on Saturday May 6 at 1PM

Starting with a tour of the brand new York Recreation Centre, this walk will examine the terraforming of Kodak Heights for the Crosstown Maintenance & Storage Facility, before examining the work for the Mount Dennis station. At MD Public Library, see TPL’s innovative new technologies with a hands on demonstration. The walk ends at St Mary & St Martha’s where there will be refreshments and an opportunity to discuss the progress and problems of the Crosstown and other changes to the area. The walk will feature expert speakers for each aspect, as well as community members to give lived experiences.


Earth Day Clean-Up very succesful

Major turn-out at today’s Clean-Up; the MDCA would like to thank everyone who participated; the children who worked as hard as anyone else, the whole families who turned up, including the multi-generational families. We lost count at one point but there was 45 participants; we also lost count of the amount of garbage that was picked up from the ravines, by the first half-hour, and before everyone had showed up yet, we had already tied up 12 garbage bags of mostly recyclables.

Earth Day Clean-up Set-up
As always the MDCA provided the tools needed; we did run out of bags though and residents who live on Astoria went home and grabbed more bags
Multi-generational help
Several Generations of one family came to help out; thank you!!!
Girl rolling a car tire
Look! She found a tire and rolled it over to the collection area.
Bags from Earth Day clean-up
Loads of garbage out of our beautiful ravine and into bags.

The ravines we were at are particularly beautiful overlooking Topham Pond. Of course the litter and garbage spoils the scenery but it was a beauty day, with lots of birds flying in the blue sky; we spotted lots of red-winged blackbirds and robins, but also a male and a female cardinal, a downy woodpecker, a feral cat, a squirrel and a hawk. The Earth was happy, and by the end of the event after picking up all the visible garbage, the floor of the steep woods became as beautiful as the clear sky above it. Thanks again to everyone who helped out.