The Year is Winding Down

And it has been a good year for Mount Dennis, with a fresh look and more going on.

Our Fall newsletter is available now, either in a web and phone friendly compact version, or in glorious high resolution if you want to see the bees up close.

Fall 2017 newsletter for web and phones


Fall 2017 newsletter in high definition

Our AGM is on December 14 with Environment Minister Chris Ballard as our keynote speaker.  Doors open at 6, food and drink till 7, at the Legion.


Great Party, HumberFest on Deck

Beautiful weather and a great turnout at Party by the Pond #5

In three weeks, HumberFest, celebrating over 200 years history in Mount Dennis, and looking with a critical eye at significant events that took place in the Humber Valley just north of Eglinton.

We’ll have a lot to discus, but at a fun event with food for all.  Watch as the virtual trail comes on line, and look at the poster as we finalize details





Jane’s Walk on Saturday May 6 at 1PM

Starting with a tour of the brand new York Recreation Centre, this walk will examine the terraforming of Kodak Heights for the Crosstown Maintenance & Storage Facility, before examining the work for the Mount Dennis station. At MD Public Library, see TPL’s innovative new technologies with a hands on demonstration. The walk ends at St Mary & St Martha’s where there will be refreshments and an opportunity to discuss the progress and problems of the Crosstown and other changes to the area. The walk will feature expert speakers for each aspect, as well as community members to give lived experiences.


Earth Day Clean-Up very succesful

Major turn-out at today’s Clean-Up; the MDCA would like to thank everyone who participated; the children who worked as hard as anyone else, the whole families who turned up, including the multi-generational families. We lost count at one point but there was 45 participants; we also lost count of the amount of garbage that was picked up from the ravines, by the first half-hour, and before everyone had showed up yet, we had already tied up 12 garbage bags of mostly recyclables.

Earth Day Clean-up Set-up
As always the MDCA provided the tools needed; we did run out of bags though and residents who live on Astoria went home and grabbed more bags
Multi-generational help
Several Generations of one family came to help out; thank you!!!
Girl rolling a car tire
Look! She found a tire and rolled it over to the collection area.
Bags from Earth Day clean-up
Loads of garbage out of our beautiful ravine and into bags.

The ravines we were at are particularly beautiful overlooking Topham Pond. Of course the litter and garbage spoils the scenery but it was a beauty day, with lots of birds flying in the blue sky; we spotted lots of red-winged blackbirds and robins, but also a male and a female cardinal, a downy woodpecker, a feral cat, a squirrel and a hawk. The Earth was happy, and by the end of the event after picking up all the visible garbage, the floor of the steep woods became as beautiful as the clear sky above it. Thanks again to everyone who helped out.


3rd Clean-Up good turn out despite the rain

A big thank you to the 10 individuals who helped out today, braving the rain to participate in this litter pick-up effort, including a family of 4. Sadly we didn’t remember to take a group photo.

We cleaned along Dora Spencer Rd. and then a smaller group broke out to clean Portage Gardens Park. Though we filled about 30 bags worth of litter (a majority of which are recyclables) much more work remaind to be done on the ravine edge of Portage Gardens Park.

We invite community members to reach out to MDCA if they need help organizing further clean-up dates on the Portage Gardens Park ravine edge. And once again we like to thank all those helping to beauify Mount Dennis.


2nd Spring Clean-up: Good turn-out, great result.

The clean-up covered this area of the Eglinton Flats east side ravine edges from Eglinton north to Somerville, and along Sunnybrae

We want to thank everyone who came out to our second Clean-up event this past Saturday. It was a large and enthusiastic group; we had a hard time getting everyone in the group photo 🙂

Everyone put in a great effort. We filled 33 garbage bags! One-third with recyclables and the rest with litter or smaller dumped items. We also created a pile of miscellaneous large objects that had been dumped in or beside the ravine. It was a chance to crack some jokes with neighbours we knew, as well as meet new neighbours. If this sounds like a nice Saturday morning to you, why don’t you join us for one of our next events:

April 15th Dora Spencer & Portage Gdns. Park – meet 10 am, Weston at Dora Spencer
April 22nd Lambton & Astoria ravine edges – meet 10 am, Lambton at Astoria
April 29th Emmett Ave. – meet 10 am, Emmett at Verona

Our clean-ups happen in public areas, especially along the ravine edges and last for just two hours. Garbage bags, gloves and other equipment will be provided. Why not get some exercise in the fresh air, meet neighbours you might not know, and help beautify some of the areas which make Mount Dennis special. All ages are welcome. Students can earn community hours.

MDCA again has a co-sponsor. One hour plus of clean-up work earns you a “half-off any drink” supercoffee coupon. If you also tweet or Instagram a clean-up photo tagging @supercoffeeMD & @MountDennisCA, then your drink is completely FREE.

PS: Want help organizing your own Mount Dennis clean-up at another time? Email us info@mountdennis.ca or phone 416-614-3371


Short Skating Season Comes An Early End

Hi everyone:

After a frustrating season with precisely EIGHT days of skating, the Rink is now closed and will not be re-opening this season. Overall, many more hours were spent trying to make ice than those spent actually skating.

We had hoped to be open most of this week, but the weather gods were unkind, giving us insufficient cold weather to make it happen.  😦

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered, whether ice-making, as on-ice coach/supervisors or in the Skate Hut. Your support has been invaluable. Almost all those who came out (including FORTY people who skated on a still-snowy Sunday afternoon this week) seemed to have a great time and really appreciated the program.

We are hoping for a better season next year, and also exploring options for creating a more reliable, artificially-cooled rink.

Thanks again for your support. For those of you earning community hours, please call or email me and set up a time when I can sign your sheets.

Simon Chamberlain, Rink Coordinator

rink@mountdennis.ca   ,   416-614-3371


Thank You – Looking to the Future

It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided not to run again for the Presidency of the Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA). It’s hard to believe that it was six years ago that I went to my first board meeting at the Mount Dennis United Church. I have learned and grown so much in that time and have seen first hand the importance of the work we do. Our community of Mount Dennis is in the midst of enormous change and it is more important than ever that the MDCA continues being a strong voice for local residents and businesses. I have had the pleasure of working with great advocates such as Simon, Mike and Rick who have tirelessly stood up for local issues such as the environment, local jobs, improved services, investment dollars in our area and more. My time has been an overwhelmingly positive one but I know for the MDCA to continue, it has to continue to attract new talent and a more diverse group of voices. Our AGM is in November and I view it as an opportunity for us to continue to build on a strong foundation.

Thank you,

– Jules