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Eco-Neighbourhood in Mount Dennis

In March 2017 the Mount Dennis community has scored a major victory when Metrolinx officially scrapped plans to build a gas powered generating plant, and instead agreed to co-operate with Toronto Hydro to build a state of the art back-up battery. This triggered a wave of optimism among community members and subsequently attracted media coverage especially after the Mount Dennis Community Association held an Eco-Neighbourhood open house at the Mount Dennis Public Library.

But this is only the latest of a very dedicated and long-term effort by residents and community groups who in the past few years laid out a Vision and Action outline for community discussion to address issues of livability, public health, and climate action. We hope that the gains we made so far are a first step towards a transformative journey for Mount Dennis that will become an even greener, more walkable, more livable, and more attractive place to work, play and live than it already is. And why not, a net zero emissions community as well.

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