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Ward 11 Pedestrian Safety and Cycling Committee Report to City Staff

The Mount Dennis Community Association has been well represented on the Ward 11 Pedestrian Safety and Cycling Committee (PSCC). The committee of local residents from all parts of Ward 11, met a number of times and put a significant time and effort to produce this report.

This is a link to the PDF version of the Report entitled Moving Forward, an action plan to improve safety and opportunities for pedestrians and cyclists in Ward11
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.11.36 PMThe 27-page document has already been reviewed by senior staff in the City’s Transportation Services. PSCC members have also had the chance to sit face to face twice  with Barbara Gray (General Manager) and Shawn Dillon (Manager, Cycling Infrastructure) to provide City staff with a detailed picture of the local challenges.

The next step for this document is that it is expected to be present as an agenda item on the April 11, 2018 meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) in City Hall. PWIC is expected to ask staff to report back to City Council on this document.


If you are interested in the topics of accessibility, pedestrian safety, and cycling infrastructure, please glance at the report and let us know what you thinkScreen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.12.20 PM

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Eco-Neighbourhood in Mount Dennis

In March 2017 the Mount Dennis community has scored a major victory when Metrolinx officially scrapped plans to build a gas powered generating plant, and instead agreed to co-operate with Toronto Hydro to build a state of the art back-up battery. This triggered a wave of optimism among community members and subsequently attracted media coverage especially after the Mount Dennis Community Association held an Eco-Neighbourhood open house at the Mount Dennis Public Library.

But this is only the latest of a very dedicated and long-term effort by residents and community groups who in the past few years laid out a Vision and Action outline for community discussion to address issues of livability, public health, and climate action. We hope that the gains we made so far are a first step towards a transformative journey for Mount Dennis that will become an even greener, more walkable, more livable, and more attractive place to work, play and live than it already is. And why not, a net zero emissions community as well.

Please reach out to us with ideas and concerns going forward at

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Eco-Neighbourhood on CBC-RadioCanada

This is a french interview on CBC Radio Canada, hosted by Line Boily and her program Heure De Pointe with Mount Dennis Community Association member Johnny Dib discussing the Eco-Neighbourhood vision of Mount Dennis. These are the highlights from the interview:

The host said it’s easier to stop a polluting power plant than to change lifestyle choices. Johnny agreed but reminded the listeners that the emissions-free battery was not an obvious outcome and took months of active pressure. The MDCA is optimistic about the future and is confident that with support from local residents and businesses we can achieve our Eco-Neighbourhood vision.

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Reading Garden at Mount Dennis Public Library

Residents of Mount Dennis have teamed up with the Mount Dennis Public Library to apply for the City of Toronto’s Partnership Opportunity Legacy Fund in efforts to improve the library’s reading garden and engage community members. Chiara Padovani (resident), Jean-Marie Boutot (resident) and Nora Lay (Mount Dennis librarian) were at the Eco Neighbourhood Open House to present a brief overview of the project. Complete with a vertical garden, solar-panel operated ventilation and a rainwater collection system, the vision for the garden was beautifully portrayed in local resident and George Brown Architectural Technology student, Rachel Carter’s concept drawing. The team is trying to engage as many residents as possible before submitting the application (due April 21st), and invited community members to fill out a survey available online here. If you’re interested in getting further involved in the project, please contact!

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Eco-Neighbourhood Open House

In a packed room at the Mount Dennis Public Library, the Mount Dennis Community Association invited the community to celebrate recent environmental wins and to discuss further what is needed to pursue the Eco-Neighbourhood vision.

Speakers included:

  • Rick Ciccarelli and Mike Matos spoke on behalf of the Mount Dennis Community Association
  • Local residents and library staff spoke about the reading garden in the library
  • Elected officials congratulated the community for their recent wins
  • City officials who presented the Transform TO climate action plan
  • A TRCA official spoke about the potential for SNAP program in Mount Dennis
  • Metrolinx spokesperson who recognized the community and shared some info on the Eglinton Crosstown as well as the upcoming RER line.

After the presentation, the residents made comments and asked questions and the conversation continued past the event’s end time.

The York Guardian newspaper covered the event and wrote this about it:

The association held its EcoNeighbourhood open house Monday, April 3, which was attended by approximately 60 people. At least 40 of those were residents, the rest were politicians, partners, etc.

“The 40 people in the room came because they wanted to. We had people who heard about this on CBC radio’s Metro Morning and wanted to see what it’s all about, people from other parts of the city,” association president Mike Mattos said.

He said the response has been positive. The local initiative could even work as a case study for future projects across Toronto and beyond, Mattos said.

The project requires partners, such as Metrolinx, which recently announced it would build a battery backup energy system in Mount Dennis for the Crosstown LRT. It includes the City of Toronto, which aims to make Mount Dennis Toronto’s first Net Zero community. It includes Toronto and Region Conservation and the TO EcoNeighbourhoods Initiative to invest their resources and contacts for local projects. And it requires local buy-in.