Short Skating Season Comes An Early End

Hi everyone:

After a frustrating season with precisely EIGHT days of skating, the Rink is now closed and will not be re-opening this season. Overall, many more hours were spent trying to make ice than those spent actually skating.

We had hoped to be open most of this week, but the weather gods were unkind, giving us insufficient cold weather to make it happen.  😦

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered, whether ice-making, as on-ice coach/supervisors or in the Skate Hut. Your support has been invaluable. Almost all those who came out (including FORTY people who skated on a still-snowy Sunday afternoon this week) seemed to have a great time and really appreciated the program.

We are hoping for a better season next year, and also exploring options for creating a more reliable, artificially-cooled rink.

Thanks again for your support. For those of you earning community hours, please call or email me and set up a time when I can sign your sheets.

Simon Chamberlain, Rink Coordinator

rink@mountdennis.ca   ,   416-614-3371

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