The Mount Dennis Community Rink at Pearen Park

…is now closed for the season!

after 54 days of (mostly) great skating enjoyed by hundreds of people – many of them first-time skaters. Our thanks to:

Guy (“The Ice Master”) Ruggieri, who worked tirelessly to make sure we had the best ice humanly possible, and the other icemakers: Adam Ferguson, Guilherme Marchini, John Verhaeven, Johnathan King, Keith Descartes, Michael Rendorio, Mike Mattos, Orville Ivey, Simon Chamberlain.

The snow-shovellers: Alex & Anita Loviaguin, Ann Mather, Codey Zidner, Guilherme Marchini, John Verhaeven, Johnathan King, Keith Descartes, Marabelle McTavish, Marco Parisi, Michael Rendorio, Mike Mattos, Richard Roux, Rob Duncan, Robyn Hoogendam, Simon Chamberlain, Terence Reynolds, Wayne Chislett.

The on-ice teacher / coaches: Adam Ferguson, Ann Mather, Anna Fanhusi, Anne Simpson-Porco, Bob Daggett, Braden Smeal, Brianne Chan, Caios Barrios, Candace Gonsalves, Cindy Li, Evelyn Lam, Gloria Braymore, Isaiah Campbell, Jennifer Hibbs, Justin Smeal, Kiranpreet Bhangu, Elissa Borrelli, Luke Yorkden-Chamberlain, Marabelle McTavish, Mian Wei, Nathan Penny, Nicole Pereira, Richard Roux, Riley Peterson, Robyn Hoogendam, Tatyana Grant.

Simon and the Skatekeepers, who provided nearly 900 skate loans, plus hats, helmets, gloves and other equipment, as well as fitting, tying and warming the skates: Hyamin Lee, Jatoya Miller, Jennesa Cote, Jennifer Hibbs, Josie Mullins, Kacy Lin, Paulo Correira, Paul Bailey, Mian Wei, Nicole Sonson, Richard Roux, Shaun Bhimsingh, Shine Chung, Valvona Dzsari, Yusuf Yusuf. Plus the many parents and others who helped when it was busy and kept our over-crowded Skate Hut from total chaos!

All the rink users who made donations in cash or kind, and other donors including Douglas Woolings, Helen & Bob Daggett, FutureWatch, the Learning Enrichment Foundation, Jutta Mason of the Dufferin Grove Rink, M.P. Mike Sullivan, Richard Roux (and his Spirited Ed hockey team), and Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program.

Local schools: Bala, Cordella, Dennis, Our Lady of Victory, Portage and Roselands, all distributed flyers to their students and made PA announcements (and Bala lent us chairs). High schools Weston, York Memorial and Archbishop Romero all encouraged students to volunteer. Thanks to Trustee Chris Tonks for his support in all of this. Thanks also to the U of T Alternative Reading Week student team of Brianne Chan, Evelyn Lam and their leader, the unbelievably dedicated Mian Wei.

12 Division Police led by Staff Sergeant Joanne Rudnick, who sent Anis, Jesse, Nadia and Vladimir from the Youth in Policing Initiative to help out on numerous occasions, and also Auxiliary Police volunteer Richard Roux, who was amazing both in the Skate Hut and on the ice, and made the rink’s success his personal priority.

Marabelle McTavish, who had the original vision for the rink, and City of Toronto Councillor Frances Nunziata, who made it possible – with lots of practical help from the Parks Department, led this year by Peter Leiss and his team (who got us a new lock, rubber mats, new fire-hoses, and snow-plowing whenever they could manage it. Also to the folk at Supercoffee, who were wonderfully supportive and helped publicize the rink – along with York Guardian, Weston Web and CBC radio. Also to residents on Pearen and Glenvalley, who have been supportive throughout.

Finally, to Bala School, Tina Hang of George Harvey and the Salvation Army, all of whom brought groups to the rink, and to all those who came out to skate, along with the parents and other caregivers who let their kids come out after school, or personally brought them, and made sure they had the warm clothing they needed.

Thank you ALL and apologies to anyone whose name was missed from this list.

Simon Chamberlain, MDCA Rink Coordinator

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