Mount Dennis residents look to Metrolinx to create jobs when it builds Crosstown LRT

The tunnel boring machines that will carve out the Crosstown LRT are about to rumble through the earth under Eglinton Ave. W.
And that means the deserted Kodak lands in Weston-Mount Dennis will spring to life in the next couple of years.
The massive 23-hectare industrial “brownfield,” empty since the film manufacturer closed in 2005, will get a second chance when it’s redeveloped as the maintenance and storage facility for vehicles on the new LRT line.

Infrastructure Ontario — the provincial agency tendering the contracts — and Metrolinx will ask qualified consortiums to bid on the massive $6.4-billion LRT contract this summer.

The contract includes constructing and maintaining the storage facility, building stations and track, and converting the Scarborough RT to light rail. A $300-million contract to tunnel the west end of the Crosstown has already been parceled out.

Community activists in Weston-Mount Dennis want to make sure at least some of that money is used to create a job pipeline for residents, many of whom are unskilled. They’re working with Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario to ensure that a so-called “community benefits agreement” becomes one of the bid requirements.
And they’re encouraging other at-risk neighbourhoods intersected by the LRT to do the same.

“Our emphasis on getting jobs could, in fact, begin to change the thinking of people in other communities along the line,” said Marabelle McTavish, a retired school teacher and chair of the Mount Dennis Community Association.

Read the rest of the Toronto Star article: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/crosstown/2013/05/06/westonmount_dennis_residents_look_to_metrolinx_to_create_jobs_when_it_builds_crosstown_lrt.html

2 thoughts on “Mount Dennis residents look to Metrolinx to create jobs when it builds Crosstown LRT”

  1. As I am sure you are well aware of Metrolinx buying the Kodak building # 9 and planning to convert it into a LRT Hub, but are you also aware that the Photographic Museum of Ontario is trying to purchase the building from Metrolinx (or at least work with them) to make this building the new home for the museum?

    The Photographic Museum of Ontario has been trying to speak with Malon Edwards, a spokesperson for Metrolinx and Glen Murry, the minister of Infrastructure (they over look Metrolinx) and neither have been willing to sit down with the museum to at least have a conversation about what is best for the building and the community.

    For more information about the museum, it’s progress of to offer support, please visit:

    1. What an interesting idea – commemorating the important role of Kodak in our community is absolutely something we are interested in. Would like to discuss further to see if there is a way we can help.

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