Jane’s Walk 2012

History and Health, a Visit to West Park


Date: Saturday May 5, 1pm

Meeting Place:  West Park, 82 Buttonwood, Employee Parking Lot  (free parking)

Transit: 32D Eglinton W to 55 Emmett Ave or   35 Jane / 89 Weston Road  to the intersecion of  Jane & Weston –  pedestrian only access is 1 block north

This  ‘Jane’s Walk’  is being organized by the Mount Dennis Community Association. The walk will showcase West Park’s grounds and will include interpretative areas where the history, current services, and future plans of West Park will be explained. Small groups will be guided through the walk allowing conversation and opportunity to examine the displays.

West Park was opened in 1904 to care for severe illness. It continues to provide a range of care, including its historic mandate as a respiratory illness center.

West Park has seen many changes both on campus and in the surrounding community over time. One interpretive area at West Park on the tour will be in front of the historical display near Communications, where walkers will hear about West Park’s storied past, its current services and its development plans. Artifacts such as an iron lung used decades ago at West Park, will also be on display.

Walkers will also be able to visit the Rehab Gym and learn about the Family Health Team and Rehab Plus.

The site is fully accessible, free parking for Jane’s Walk attendees, and close to the Jane and Weston Rd bus routes.

From iron lungs to modern rehab, you will see the changes in care surrounded by the timeless Humber Valley.

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