Transit – Metrolinx, GO & the ARL

The Province and Metrolinx are moving forward with their plans for expanded GO and ARL along the rail tracks.   

There is a meeting on Tuesday Oct 18 to review the Weston station Master Plan  –  details here: Weston Station Master Plan – Metrolinx – Oct 18 Open House

MDCA also recieved the following e-mail from the Weston Community Coalition

Dear WCC members:

This week, a number of us from the community met with Metrolinx prior to their next open house on this Tuesday, October 18th at York Weston Active Living Centre at 1901 Weston Road to discuss the plans and options for the new station to be built south of Lawrence for the GO trains and new Air Rail Link. 

To our collective shock, we learned some more information about the tracks, platforms and how they are to be configured to accommodate the two sets of trains which will give priority to the Air Rail Link over the GO trains.  Because they have already purchased the train sets from the Japanese manufacturer, they are building the platform to accommodate those trains instead of making sure whatever they did plan on purchasing would be at the same height as the current GO trains thus allowing them to share platforms.  So to that end, GO users will have to walk further than those using the ARL even though there are more GO riders than potential ARL riders.  We all concurred that this was not a suitable solution and in fact, noted that we had never been told of this apparent situation nor the decision regarding the positioning of each platform.

So please come to view the plans, express your concerns and make suggestions to Metrolinx.  The Weston Community Coalition will continue to monitor and attend meetings.

Hope to see you there.

Suri Weinberg-Linsky
Weston Community Coalition

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